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The beginning of a journey

Of course we asked ourselves, 'Why?'. But immediately answered, 'Why not?'.

As a parent you will try to motivate kids to get hooked on a sport, any sport will do. This is not easy, since they are hooked on your mobile phone, Netlfix and video games way earlier and easier. But once you've succeeded, it's great to see your kid enjoy sports.

This is not a goal on it's own, it's just a start. For kids to keep enjoying a sport, a continues effort from the parents side is in most cases inevitable. You better learn to enjoy it, because it's gonna consume a lot, a lot of time.

In sports it's all about winning. You can enjoy competing all you want, but a win every once in a while at least boosts the spirit. Nothing to be ashamed of being competitive I would say.

Trying to reach the Olympics is a very high goal of course. For most too high. But by aiming for the moon, and miss, we might hit a star. Our first win is that we are going on an exciting journey, together with friends and family, were we can spend a lot of time together, enjoying what we love to do most. The journey secures an active, healthy and social childhood. And that's what it's all about. And you know what? We might even make it!

Let our journey begin!

Team TBA Racing

Saturday, 28 September 2019 on the Stubai Gletscher


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